Venturing Across America

Interstate 40 (I-40) is the 3rd longest major east-west Interstate Highway in the United States, after I-90 and I-80. Its western end is at Interstate 15 in Barstow, California; its U-Hauleastern end is at a concurrency of U.S. Route 117 and North Carolina Highway 132 in Wilmington, North Carolina.  We, essentially, covered every state included on the I-40 in our move from California to North Carolina and we did it with a two month old. After 41 hours of driving, we arrived at our new home in Charlotte, but it wasn’t without its tedious moments. Boredom knows no limits when you are staring at the highway for roughly 12 hours a day. We needed to find something to do; we needed to come up with a game that lasted more than ten minutes or didn’t make us want to kill each other. The U-Haul Supergraphics provided us with hours of entertainment and forced us to remain focused on the road. It was the perfect way to pass the time since the game was never-ending. Continue reading

An Unknown Perk – If You See the Glass Half Full

Driving across the country can be stressful. There are so many things to consider, to think about, to factor in, to plan…. Darren and I decided to move to Charlotte, NC from Laguna Hills, CA a couple of months ago and we put that plan into action. Booking U-Haul was a no-brainer for reasons I’ll explain at a later date, but today… today we learned a new perk to driving a U-Haul – road-side assistance or should I say, truck side assistance.

After driving for 12 hours yesterday, Darren was tired. We both slept like babies and were back at it again this morning. Breakfast at Denny’s in Albuquerque was a fitting way to start the day and I was sure to make a bathroom stop before hitting the road again. When I walked out to the truck, Darren was still standing outside. Continue reading