The Streets of Marseille

This is my favorite photo during my trip to Marseille. I don’t know the man in the photograph; I didn’t speak to him or get his name. I just felt like it had a story to tell. The buildings are aged and covered in the marks of time and experience. The white-haired man slowly worked his way up the stone street toward the unknown… at least for me.

Old Man in Marseille, France Continue reading

It’s 2 O’Clock in the Morning


It’s 2 am and the streets of Marseille are still alive. People move about as if it were the middle of of the day. From my balcony at La Résidence Hotel, I can safely watch the night move. It’s elegant, graceful, peaceful. Even the sound of scooters passing by is a low humming lullaby. It’s my last night in Marseille and I want the culture and and beauty to follow me into my dreams.  Continue reading