5 Epic Bucket List Destinations

My Jordan Journey

From the vast, timeless sands of Wadi Rum, Jordan to 12,000 feet above Nadi, Fiji, where the sky and water blur the lines of reality, these five epic bucket list journeys should be on everyone’s list. I’ve visited each of the five and recommend them as some of the best bucket list destinations in the world. Which ones have you experienced? Continue reading

What’s Your Favorite Jordan Photo

My Jordan journey included visits to the rose-red rock city of Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and Wadi Rum, the desert T.E. Lawrence called “vast, echoing and God-like.” It also included a visit to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth and the world’s largest open-air spa, Mount Nebo and Madaba, the Dana Nature Reserve, Amman,  Jerash, Evason Ma’in Six Senses, Feynan, and Wadi Mujib. Every day was a bucket list day. From driving down the highway to trekking through the desert, I was able to capture my favorite moments on camera. Which photo draws you the most? Which one makes you want to add Jordan to your bucket list? Which one is most like paradise to you? Come to Jordan with me, if only for a few moments, and explore my favorite country  so far. Continue reading

Whoa Camel

While most people envision a trek through Wadi Rum atop a camel, fearlessly ridingWadi Rum Camel Ride through the desert at high speeds, covering vast distances on the “ship of the desert”, in actuality it can be a lot more difficult than it appears. Wadi Rum… vast, open, and sandy was seemingly endless during our camel riding experience. An ordinary riding camel will normally saunter at about 5 km/hour; perfectly doable, right? But what about when it unexpectedly runs? Could you control it? Could you stay on? Would you know what to do? We were given the opportunity to find out and it wasn’t as joyful as you’d expect.  Continue reading